Monday, 1 February 2010

Wilmington in Regional Press Awards move

Wilmington Group, the company that briefly owned Press Gazette, is understood to be looking at ways to continue the Regional Press Awards.
Although Wilmington sold Press Gazette to Progressive Media in April last year it kept hold of the British Press Awards, which it is running this year after reaching a deal with the Newspaper Publishers Association and the Journalists’ Charity, which will get a share of the profits.
Although the Regional Press Awards are not nearly as lucrative as the BPAs they were a major event for Press Gazette and when launched by the magazine were the first awards aimed specifically at regional journalists throughout the UK.


Abbie Wightwick said...

Are the regional press awards being held this year? If so, where is there information on them? Can find nothing on line and the people at Wilmington seem to know nothing.

Jon Slattery said...

Dear Abbie,

My understanding is that no firm decision has been made yet. People are just considering a proposal for the awards.