Monday, 9 November 2009

Was it the MEN that came calling for Lowe?

In an article I've written for the current edition of Press Gazette, about what happens to former newspaper editors, Mike Lowe reveals that he was recently approached to apply for the editor's job on a significant regional title, thought about it for 20 minutes and then rejected the idea.
I assumed it might be the Birmingham Post or Birmingham Mail whose editors Marc Reeves and Steve Dyson are set to leave by Christmas.
But Paul Linford, publisher of HoldtheFrontPage, has another idea. . .the Manchester Evening News, which has just lost long serving editor Paul Horrocks.
Writing on The Journalism Hub, Paul asks: "So which "significant regional title" was it? Well, the only one I can think of that is currently vacant is the MEN. If Mike, a lifelong United fan, was not tempted by that one, then it's clear that nothing is going to lure him back into regional journalism."
On the other hand, who wants to edit a paper where the lead on the sports pages everyday is Sir Alex moaning about referees?


Paul Linford said...

Just to explain my reasoning a bit....I thought the Birmingham Mail could be safely ruled out given that Dave Brookes has already been appointed to that post, while editing the Post - now to be a weekly business publication - would hardly seem to be Mike Lowe's scene. So the MEN it was!

George Dearsley said...

Had he taken it, it might have been an even shorter tenure than Tony Loynes' recent job. Not a happy ship I'm afraid the MEN.

Steve D said...

But do remember there's a certain Scottish giant looking for a new ed...