Monday, 9 November 2009

'PCC rejects Guardian phone hacking claims'

The Press Complaints Commission has rejected claims by the Guardian that a widespread and ongoing culture of phone-hacking existed at the News of the World, according to the Independent today.
The Independent reports: "After investigation, the PCC reported that it "found no evidence that phone-message hacking is ongoing" at the NoW and has said that "having reviewed the matter [it] could not help but conclude that The Guardian's stories did not quite live up to the dramatic billing they were initially given".
The PCC has also said it had "found no evidence that it was materially misled" at the 2007 inquiry, when NI executives assured the watchdog that illegal practices had stopped.
The Independent claims: "That conclusion raises questions about the judgement of BBC News which, having been briefed in advance by the Guardian that the newspaper had a scoop, repeatedly gave the July story top billing on its television news bulletins and its rolling news channel.
The PCC noted that "despite the manner in which the Guardian's allegations were treated in some quarters – as if they related to current or recent activity – there is no evidence that the practice of phone-message tapping is ongoing".

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