Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Daily Express editor uses same 'Taliban' jibe as Max Mosley to beat up the Daily Mail

I thought I had heard this before. Press Gazette reports today: "Daily Express editor Peter Hill has fired a broadside at the Daily Mail accusing it of holding views on women 'akin to what the Taliban might think.' "
In a Guardian interview on 15 September FI boss Max Mosley compared the News of the World and the Daily Mail to the Taliban. He said: "The strange thing is that, because there is so much in the press about the Taliban or religious extremists, people are beginning to understand that it's not up to grubby little newspapers like the News of the World or Daily Mail to do the same in England."
The Guardian article also claimed Mosley, whose sex life was exposed by the NoW, made "libellous comparisons between the Taliban and certain characters in British journalism."

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