Friday 17 February 2012

Murdoch lifts suspensions on arrested Sun staff and says Sunday edition will launch 'very soon'

Press Gazette is reporting sources saying Rupert Murdoch told staff at the Sun today he will launch a a Sun on Sunday "very soon".

Murdoch, who was visiting News International's Wapping headquarters, also announced suspensions of all staff who were arrested over alleged corrupt payments will be lifted.

He also said News International would do "everything we can to assist those who are arrested", adding: "All suspensions are hereby lifted until or whether charged and they are welcome to return to work. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise."

In a memo sent to News International staff, Murdoch reaffirmed his support to the Sun: "I've worked alongside you for 43 years to build the Sun into one of the world's finest papers. It is a part of me and is one of our proudest achievements. The Sun occupies a unique and important position within News Corporation."

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