Sunday 8 January 2012

Sunday Times' AA Gill: 'I was phone hacked'

Sunday Times critic AA Gill reveals in the paper that he was a victim of phone hacking.

Gill in a scathing review of Channel 4's Hacks, the comedy about the hacking scandal, writes: "Hacks was TV’s satirical response to the phone-hacking scandal. I should admit to a personal interest here: I am paid by News International and have been interviewed by the constabulary as apparently my phone was hacked."

Gill goes on to trash Hacks: "This effort, even by the woe-begone standards of rushed comic parody, was pathetic, humourless, limp, predictable and toothless without anger, righteousness or even a point of view. It wouldn’t have passed muster as an episode of Drop the Dead Donkey. It looked like a skit at the Guardian’s Christmas party.

"In the end, apparently, hacking was everyone’s fault — but mostly yours for electing politicians and buying papers. Nothing it produced was as entertaining as the simultaneous news that Rupert Murdoch has started tweeting."
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