Tuesday 17 January 2012

Ian Hislop speaks up for the 'Street of Shame'

Private Eye editor Ian Hislop spoke up for a free press when he appeared before the Leveson Inquiry today.

Hislop, asked what he thought of the inquiry so far, said when it started and heard evidence from celebrities "my overall feeling was that might be it for the press."

He said there was such revulsion from the public that there was a view to "close down the lot."

But Hislop told Lord Justice Leveson he wanted to "put in a plea for a free press" which was "not always very pretty."

Hislop urged: "I hope this inquiry does not throw out the baby with the bathwater."

The Private Eye editor also lashed out at journalism being given away free on the internet. He said he didn't see why journalism, which was at its best "a noble craft," should be given away for free.

Hislop told the inquiry that Private Eye's French equivalent, Le Canard enchaîné, had a website which just said "go and buy the paper."

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