Wednesday 29 April 2009

NUJ backs 'sacked' md Steve Brown

The NUJ chapel at Trinity Mirror's Newcastle centre is backing recently departed regional managing director Steve Brown, claiming he was sacked, HoldtheFrontPage reports today.
The chapel has passed a a resolution saying it had no confidence in the ability of Trinity Mirror Regionals managing director Georgina Harvey to lead the company.
The resolution said: "The ncjmedia deeply concerned at Steve Brown's sacking by Georgina Harvey. The NUJ did not always see eye to eye with Steve but, despite a recent programme of redundancies, respects him as the man who led ncjmedia into its position as Trinity Mirror's most profitable centre.
"In these challenging times we want to have confidence in the person at the top. We need an exceptional MD: Steve Brown is that person.
"The chapel questions Georgina Harvey's motivation and long-term strategy following her removal of an executive who has brought financial success to one of Trinity Mirror's centres and who is widely respected by ncjmedia staff and the business community in the North East."
Brown's departure has angered many journalists in Newcastle and led to unprecedented support for him in postings on the HTFP website, which is part owned by Trinity.
The resolution added: "The chapel deplores the great uncertainty and instability caused by Steve's sacking and has deep concerns about Trinity Mirror's future plans for ncjmedia."

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Whistleblower said...

Very worrying period at Newcastle and Birmingham since Steve Brown's departure. Locked offices with worried execs fretting about how to deal with the largely absent and finance spreadsheet-obsessed Georgina Harvey. Word is they are floundering with the total lack of direction she's provided. She's expecting them millions upon millions of new cost savings, but is yet to tell any minions how/when/why. Watch this space closely!