Tuesday 21 April 2009

Press Gazette: the magazine that just won't die

I can hardly believe I am writing this, but there is speculation that Press Gazette closed by Wilmington a fortnight ago might be rescued (again) from its deathbed.
Staff weren't saying anything today but I understand there might me a new twist in the saga of the magazine that was started by Fleet Street editor Colin Valdar more than 40 years ago. It was subsequently owned by Timothy Benn Publishing, Maclean Hunter, Emap, Quantum, and then Matthew Freud and Piers Morgan.
When the Morgan-Freud partnership put the magazine into administration, Wilmington came in with an 11th hour rescue.
Could history be repeating itself?


Anonymous said...

But seriously: is there a film script in this somewhere?

Scene 549: A graveyard, somewhere east of Old Street...

And the credits:

Dominic Ponsford....Russell Crowe
Jean Morgan....Helen Mirren
Jon Slattery....Robert Redford

JTownend said...

and it's back... PG scoop on its own resuscitation