Thursday, 29 March 2012

The Sun gives David Cameron a right pasty-ing

The Sun goes for David Cameron on its front page today over the "Pasty Tax" row and the Government's handling of a possible tanker drivers strike.

It also describes him as "a pie plonker" and "a fuel fool".

Inside the paper the Sun tells how it caught the Prime Minister out on his claim to have eaten a pasty bought on Leeds station from the West Cornwall Pasty Company.

It reports: "Rashly, Mr Cameron added: 'I am sure The Sun will have someone rushing up to the shop right away to check it out.'

"We did. And it swiftly emerged the West Cornwall Pasty Company does NOT have an outlet at Leeds station — because it closed in 2007. The nearest branch is more than 400 metres away.

"There was another pasty seller, Cornish Bakehouse, at the station. But it SHUT last week after Chancellor George Osborne announced the VAT hike in his Budget."

  • Today the Sun is offering readers a free sausage or cold.
  • It also tweeted: "Get down to Big Ben today between noon and 1pm where we'll be giving away free pasties for The Sun Pasty Tax protest. #pastygate"

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