Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Independent: 'Cameras are to be allowed in court'

Legislation is to be introduced to allow television cameras into courts for the first time to film the sentencing of serious criminals, the Independent reports today.

It says the the move will be announced in the Queen's Speech on 9 May.

Under the plans, the Independent reports that cameras will only be allowed in court to record judges' summing-up at the end of trials, as well as the sentencing.

Broadcasters will not be permitted to film other parts of a trial, such as barristers' opening and closing statements or the cross-examination of witnesses. Nor will be cameras be present at the moment when juries deliver their verdict.

TV cameras will introduced first in Court of Appeal proceedings and then in Crown Court prosecutions.

The Independent adds: "The initiative – strongly supported by David Cameron – follows lobbying by the BBC, ITN and Sky News. In a joint letter last month they argued: 'The ability to witness justice in action, in the public gallery, is a fundamental freedom. Television will make the public gallery open to all'."

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