Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Budget and 'Granny tax' grab the news headlines

The budget and reaction to it and the so-called "Granny tax" was the dominant UK news story for the week ending Sunday 25 March, according to journalisted.

The budget generated 614 articles , with the main attention falling on the "Granny tax" which was the subject of 202 articles.

Other top stories were the extraordinary recovery of Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba, 365 articles: the Toulouse killings, siege and the resulting death of Mohammed Merah, 201 articles; and the Queen, in honour of her Diamond Jubilee, heard addresses from both Houses of Parliament, 91 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, were Philip Hammond backtracking on government proposals by recommending a switch to an earlier design for the new aircraft carriers, 8 articles; the police deciding to hold a ballot on their right to strike, 7 articles; and the UK Supreme court reaffirming the Reynolds Defence, 6 articles.

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