Saturday, 1 May 2010

Johnston Press journalists fury at 'lazy' jibe

Johnston Press journalists have reacted with fury after being accused of being "lazy" and opposed to change for voting for strike action over the introduction of the company's new Atex editorial management system.
The accusation was made in a posting on HoldtheFrontPage under a story about the strike ballot.
Union UnRepResented posted: "What rubbish, its just the lazy ones in the office spitting their dummy out yet again - if they took the time to actually learn the system (as we all had to) they would understand and appreciate the system. Instead they just whine and complain as they always do whenever change is suggested, no different from last time."

Other posters reacted angrily and have detailed the long hours they are spending grappling with the new system and the low wages they are on.

said:"Lazy? LAZY?? This person obviously isn't a journalist or is living in non-Atex, cloud-cuckoo land. I and my colleagues have been working 10, 12, 14 hours without breaks to get to grips with this unwieldy system. JP has introduced a complex content management system while sacking the very people who could have at least bedded it in, resulting in stressed-out staff."

Can'taffordbills: "
Union unrepresented - I have been on £17k for five years with JP as a reporter. I complain constantly but am grateful to have a job so suck it up. Now I'm being told I also have to be a sub but I won't be getting a pay rise."

Fed Up!
: "17k Can't afford bills!! that's good! i'm on 15k after 3 years as a web developer... single parent 2 kids, did 2 peoples jobs for 6 months for nothing more than a parking permit. LUCKY? yes I suppose I am. I need my job to support my family. It sucks really. I work hard, but feel unmotivated, it's not the Atex system it's JP showing no loyalty or compassion to their staff who work hard and aren't rewarded for it"

: "What absolute tosh from UnRepResented to suggest it's the "lazy" one's who are striking. I ask you UnRepResented: how would YOU feel if a system came into force that made you unemployed? Unable to pay your mortgage, feed your children? Is that not a big enough "change" - one that affects peoples very LIVES? Their futures? I do hope you never face such an horrific time in your career because you never know, you may just find people like YOU showing abject disregard for your plight. Hang your head in shame."

Hacked off Hack: "
Union Unrepresented - You're clearly clueless. Lazy is about the exact opposite of what most of the people affected by this are, mainly because we have no choice. As a result of Atex's arrival, jobs have been cut meaning those left behind have been over-worked, stressed as a result, and for no extra money. It's also not helped by the fact the system is so slow and often unusable, so 'learning' it is nigh on impossible. JP have acted disgracefully for months and shouldn't be allowed to get away with it."

Vexed By Atex: "Atex has been a living hell which has brought staff I know to the brink of serious self-harm because of the fact it is unworkable but JP keep on with their unrelenting pressure."

jp staffer: "Atex is causing really serious concerns for the health of staff - it is that BAD

Sub-for-now:"Union Unrepresented is an idiot. If the Atex workloads are such that people are having to work 10, 12 and 14 hour days without a break"

Atex Hater: "
Lazy? Lazy? I will tell you how lazy I am Union UnRepResented. Ever since the shambolic Atex system was introduced I've worked late every single night. One night I was in the office until 10pm. Learning the system? Well, if you call half an hour of training JP's teaching, then it leaves a lot to be desired. Its not a case of people necessarily being against change - but when its implemented with no thought, no forward planning and newspapers are left to suffer as a result, then the poor hacks of JP have to make a stand. We have finally had enough of the irresponsible management at all levels that has introduced this appalling Atex system on us."

  • You've got to hand it to HTFP for letting this debate run even though the website is part owned by Johnston Press. The comments certainly have an authentic feel of staff being pushed to the limit. No wonder they voted for a strike.

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