Thursday, 1 April 2010

Ha Ha Ha it's that day again

According to the Guardian today: "In an audacious new election strategy, Labour is set to embrace Gordon Brown's reputation for anger and physical aggression, presenting the prime minister as a hard man, unafraid of confrontation, who is willing to take on David Cameron in "a bare-knuckle fistfight for the future of Britain", the Guardian has learned.
"Following months of allegations about Brown's explosive outbursts and bullying, Downing Street will seize the initiative this week with a national billboard campaign portraying him as "a sort of Dirty Harry figure", in the words of a senior aide. One poster shows a glowering Brown alongside the caption "Step outside, posh boy," while another asks "Do you want some of this?"
The story is by the strangely named Olaf Priol (aka April Fool):
With the Sun you can't always be sure but the amazing ref-mobile, the revolutionary flavoured newspaper page you can lick ( see below), and the flying carp that slapped an angler all look a bit fishy.

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