Tuesday 19 June 2012

Tributes to Standard City journalist Hugh Sharpe

I wrote in April about the death of Hugh Sharpe, the former Evening Standard deputy City editor who also used to cover finance and business for U.K.Press Gazette.

Now I've been told that former colleagues are hoping to organise a Memorial Service for Hugh, at St. Bride's in Fleet Street (pictured).

Among them are John Westwell, of Westhill Communications, Hugh's last employer in London.

John passed on these fantastic tributes to Hugh.
Mike Tate: "I first met Hugh when he joined Thomson Regional Newspapers in ’62 or ’63 as a 40-year-old. Not only was he the perfect role model for an aspiring young reporter, but a kinder, more caring man I never met throughout my career in journalism. A true pro, and a true gentleman."
Mick Smith: "I am enormously sad to hear about the loss of Hugh. He was a professional to his finger tips. In my case, he was an inspiration. I recall that the Sheffield Telegraph rented a corner of the City Press offices, which was my first job. As an aspiring journo I watched and learned. Hugh was a hugely generous spirit who somehow found the time between meeting deadlines to offer words of advice and practical assistance about our craft which included introducing me to other journalists and teaching me the basic journo’s skill of how to drink. I will never forget his generosity. One of the good guys. I would be very keen to hear about any memorial."

Brian Reynolds: "How such a truly nice person could be the best number two in the business I never understood. because he could make even a difficult decision acceptable.
Lovely, lovely man, I endorse all that has been said about him.  I knew him when he was on the Sheffield Telegraph with Rodney Johnstone in those cramped offices in London Wall.!!!!!".
Bill Kay: "One of the old stagers, who not only survived some good and bad City Editors, but they all ended up relying on him! One of the great deputies, without whom Fleet Street couldn't (and still can't) operate. Only a journo could understand his impact, and even then you had to have worked with him to appreciate how massive his contribution was. "

Patricia Knox: "That really marks the end of an era. I worked with Hugh on the Standard for a million years, through both his retirements! A real professional and truly nice man.  

John Reynolds: "They don't make them like Hugh anymore. A true pro and a lovely lovely man."
Nick Gilbert: "What sad news about Hugh -- though by Fleet Street standards his journey was an encouragingly long one. Who will write about South African gold shares now ? And who nowadays has his own private cuttings brown envelope ( second drawer down in his desk I recall ) ?"

John Duncan: "As a mere mortal from 'the other side of the fence I had enormous respect for Hugh not least for his patience and understanding as a sprog PR at NatWest struggled to learn the ropes."

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