Thursday 14 June 2012

Sun backs Harman on public interest defence

It's not often the Sun and Harriet Harman see eye to eye.

But the Sun reports today: "A PUBLIC interest defence should be written into law to protect journalists who expose important stories, Labour will declare today.

"Deputy Leader Harriet Harman wants the Prime Minister to establish the key media safeguard as soon as possible.

"She told the Sun: 'We want a strong Press which can hold power to account. A strong Press is vital to democracy.'

"At the moment, campaigning journalists run the risk of jail if they commit minor criminal offences in pursuit of key truths.

"But Ms Harman said the UK needed a 'constitutional safeguard for investigative journalism'.

"Her demand is calculated to heap pressure on David Cameron, who takes the stand at the Leveson Inquiry today."

In a leader the Sun says: "IT’S not often The Sun agrees with Labour’s Harriet Harperson.

But she is right to call for protection for journalists who can fall foul of the law when exposing important stories.

It’s good to see politicians realise the danger that laws and over-regulation can pose to a strong and free Press vital to democracy.

Deputy Leader Ms Harman wants a public interest defence made law.

Without such a safeguard, it is hard to serve the public interest."

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