Wednesday 14 December 2011

Fleet Street disunited: Sun accuses the Guardian

The Sun has launched an attack on the Guardian today, based on the evidence given by its managing editor Richard Caseby to a House of Lords committee, and branded it The Guardlyin'.

Caseby condemned the Guardian for claiming the News of the World had deleted crucial voicemails on murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler's phone, which had given her family false hope she was still alive, and said it had become clear Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger "effectively sexed up his investigation into phone hacking".

Caseby said the Guardian also made false allegations against the Sun in two front page stories. He added: "Mr Rusbridger has shown a pattern of behaviour that poses a serious question over his motivations. He has an agenda against the popular press, a section of the media he clearly holds in contempt."

Meanwhile, both the Guardian and the Independent (bottom pic) are leading today on emails sent to News International chairman James Murdoch warning that phone hacking went beyond a "rogue reporter". Murdoch claims not to have read them.

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