Wednesday 14 December 2011

Cameron veto wins vote for news story of the week

David Cameron's EU treaty veto dominated news coverage in the week ending Sunday 11 December, according to journalisted.

Cameron vetoes new European Union treaty to protect Eurozone generated 532 articles; hurricane-force winds hit Scotland, 131 articles; widespread protests against Russia’s parliamentary elections, 128 articles; and the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics and phone hacking continues, 121 articles.

Covered little, according to journalisted, were WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange can approach the Supreme Court for permission to appeal against extradition after High Court ruling, 16 articles; Belgium appoints new prime minister Elio di Rupo, 541 days since the last government resigned in April 2010, 13 articles; arrests at protest against Democratic Republic of Congo election results in London, 9 articles; and Brazilian labour minister Carlos Lupi resigns, the seventh minister to go since January, 3 articles.

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