Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Data site ScraperWiki awarded $280,000 funding

ScraperWiki, the UK start-up data mining site, has been awarded $280,000 in the Knight News Challenge to develop its platform and services for journalists.

ScraperWiki said it will use the Knight Foundation funding to expand to the United States, improve the platform's functionality and make ScraperWiki more useful to journalists around the world.

CEO Francis Irving said: "ScraperWiki is a place for doing data journalism. What matters is the people who use it. We've found activist coders itching to find stories. We've found journalists who know that data is a new source, and want better ways to access it.

"I'm excited that the Knight Foundation is funding us to both make better tools for that community, and to run events to find the people who care across the US. The world is increasingly complex and its future tipped on a balance more than ever. Together we can sift the data, and perhaps help tip it the right way."

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