Sunday 5 June 2011

Guido throws down gauntlet to Huffington Post

Political blogger Guido Fawkes says he is undaunted by the UK launch of the Huffington Post.

Guido claims he welcomes the competition, convinced it will spur British bloggers to work harder to break more stories.

He says of Huff Post founder Arianna Huffington: "She’ll find us a bit tougher than her past rivals. And it won’t be just Guido, in politics she’ll be up against Ashcroft’s growing online political media empire; ConservativeHome, PoliticsHome (a fellow aggregator), ePolitix, Dods, BiteBack, and TotalPolitics. Aside from the billionaire’s stable the New Statesman’s Staggers and the Spectator’s soon to be ramped-up CoffeeHouse will not cede ground without a fight.

"Iain Dale’s return with his The Daley posse will give her a run for her money on political comment and he is her match when it comes to grabbing media attention. On the user generated commentary front she is up against the well-established Guardian’s Comment is Free and the newer rival right-of-centre The Commentator.

"On the showbiz gossip front she is up against Popbitch, Holy Moly and the MailOnline. The tabloids are ruthlessly competitive when it comes to showbiz stories and she’ll find them a bit more punchy than USA Today."

Guido concludes: "They’re not going to roll-over easily for Ari."

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