Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Grey Cardigan's back but his career has unravelled

The good news is the Grey Cardigan is back, the bad is that he's been fired as editor of the Daily Beast.

Grey's column -  based on the thoughts of a curmudgeonly down table newspaper sub who somehow managed to become editor of the regional Daily Beast - used to appear in Press Gazette

He has now joined the website TheSpinAlley, described as "a no holds barred online playground exploring the lighter side of the news and the crazy land of the media."

In his first column, Grey reveals his departure from the Daily Beast: "I’ve been replaced by a child in a suit. I leave with a framed front page, a valedictory drink at The Shivering Whippet, a small pay-off and my head held high. Now I’m in the dangerous waters of the unemployed or, as my previously departed colleagues called it, pursuing a new career as an editorial and PR consultant."

In a wonderfully ironic Grey Cardigan moment, the first person to post about the new column slags off the way its headline (see above) has been subbed. "One 'join' too many I'd say, and 'the' three times. Might fit better over two lines with those words cut out."

Welcome to the digital revolution, Grey old chap.

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