Wednesday, 27 February 2013

NUJ reaches settlement at Guardian and Observer

The NUJ says it has reached an agreement with the Guardian and Observer as compulsory redundancies have been withdrawn and staff cuts will be achieved by negotitaion.

A ballot had been held backing possible strike action by NUJ members at the newspapers if compulsory job cuts were made.

The NUJ says: "The union and management are now committed to a 12-month process of negotiating the changes necessary to bring about further cost reductions and the digital transition at the papers. Any future reductions in staffing levels will be achieved by negotiation."

Barry Fitzpatrick, NUJ deputy general secretary, added: “I am pleased that the hard work put in by both sides has achieved an outcome that should create the positive climate necessary to safeguard the future of the titles and at the same time guarantee the quality of content so vital to their success.

"It is essential that the digital coupled with an affordable print version is based on the highest standards of journalism and a positive engagement with their readers.”
The NUJ says both parties have agreed to negotiate a revised house agreement and will exchange proposals with a view to reporting back to the chapel and staff in three months’ time. The union claims both sides are confident that a new agreement can be negotiated and intend to conclude this by the end of financial year 2013/14.

It also says the company will implement the salary recommendations from the HR department following the work of the pay audit group from April 1 and it will continue to consider requests for voluntary redundancy in order to manage the restructuring of the staff and organisation. The company will use the redeployment agreement as part of this process.

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