Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Sun slammed for mocking Roy Hodgson's speech

The Sun is getting heavily criticised on Twitter for its front page today mocking new England manager Roy Hodgson's speech.

A former Sun editor has joined in the condemnation:

So little compassion for Roy Hodgson today, bullying language, pointlessly cruel, pointlessly hurtful.

Here's  a couple of tweets from Northern Echo editor Peter Barron:

Sorry, but today's Sun front page isn't funny, isn't clever, and isn't right.

...Maybe not quite a 'Bonkers Bruno' moment for The Sun but misjudgement nonetheless.

And some more twitter comments...

Just seen The Sun's speech impediment front page *rolls eyes* that 'gag' isn't remotely funny

Charming front page of the Sun. Hodgson has won 11 major titles/trophies, speaks 5 languages but let's mock his speech.

 The Sun's headline on Roy Hodgson is a disgrace & equivalent to playground bullying. Let's ignore his achievements but mock his speech.

 Let's make this simple: if Roy Hodgson had a physical disability, rather than a speech impediment, The Sun would never run that front page.

The Sun's front page mocks Roy Hodgson's speech impediment. If he had a physical disability, would they ridicule that too?

The Sun's headline today is shameful & shocking. The country should be getting behind Roy Hodgson not doing this.

'HELLO ROY, HEEELLLLLOOOOOO ROY, CAN YOU HEAR US?' What would The Sun do if Hodgson was a bit deaf?

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