Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Help this man support the Journalists' Charity

John Thompson (top), who launched online site 14 years ago, is cycling 850 miles from Brighton to Oslo on 8 June to raise funds for the Journalists' Charity.

John admits that to some raising money for journalists may be an "unpopular cause".

He says: "In these times of phonehacking, the Leveson inquiry etc, it's easy to forget all those dedicated professionals who have worked tirelessly, often for low pay, and sometimes risked their lives to cover stories that otherwise would remain hidden.

"The media industry can be a ruthless one at times and some of these professionals can find themselves in financial need due to bad health, redundancy or other reasons. Fortunately, a safety net does exist.

"The Journalists' Charity is the leading charity for all journalists in need, always ready to help them and their dependants with advice, grants and other forms of financial assistance."

You can support John by donating money here. He is hoping to complete the journey in 11 days.

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brilliant fundraising ideas said...

It's not always easy being a journalist and work can be very unpredictable. We all need a safety net and it's great that this charity helps these professionals when they are in need. I don't always think that journalists get the praise that they deserve because of the poor direction in which they are led by their editors but they are simply doing their job.