Monday, 16 April 2012

Guardian to publish who funds its travel features

The Guardian's readers' editor Chris Elliott (left) says in his Open Door column today that the paper is going to reveal at the end of each travel feature what parts of the trip were paid for and by whom.

Elliott writes: "The Guardian is going to take a step further towards openness in the area of travel writing. In future, travel features will specify which aspects of a trip were paid for and by whom at the end of such features."

He also says: "Across the rest of the paper, on each desk, there are plans to log any trips taken, to ensure that such trips are tracked and signed off by a senior editor."

Elliott has rejected a complaint by a reader over a trip to Senegal by a Guardian journalist whose travel costs were funded by Greenpeace, which the paper acknowledged in the article.

Elliott says:"I think the Senegal trip was a good example of how it should be done - from the decision to go, to the declaration at the end."

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Ellan Vannin said...

A very positive move forward, if only others would do the same