Saturday, 28 April 2012

Death of financial journalist Hugh Sharpe

Hugh Sharpe, the former Evening Standard City journalist who covered finance and business for UK Press Gazette, died last weekend aged 91.

Among his scoops for Press Gazette was that T. Bailey Forman was trying to sell its flagship Nottingham Evening Post at a time when big regional newspapers rarely came onto the market.

He was also sued personally by Robert Maxwell for an article he wrote for Press Gazette. The action dragged on for a year before being resolved.

Hugh kept working as a journalist well beyond his retirement age but left London to live with his nephew, Rob Sharpe, in Normanton 12 years ago. He became involved with the Civic Trust and Museum in Newark.

Six months ago he moved into a nursing home where, according to his nephew, he spent much of his last few months reading through stacks of library books or discovering new authors on his Kindle.

Hugh was a lovely man to work with and shared his knowledge with great generosity. His funeral is on Friday 4th May at 11.45 at Grantham Crematorium.

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