Wednesday, 2 December 2009

City students read local papers but only a few say they would pay for local content online

A couple of points from last night's debate on the regional press at City University.
Most of the City journalism students in the audience said they read their local papers - but only a handful would be prepared to pay for local news online.
Most of the students would like to work in the mainstream media - only 17 out of 70 wanted to work for a start-up.
Best live tweet of the night from @alexwalters: "Quite enjoying that the three old media guys are sitting in the middle, eyes up, while the new media lot fiddle with iphones."
The old media guys? That's me; Peter Barron, editor of the Northern Echo; and Roy Greenslade, who chaired the debate.
The iphoners? Patrick Smith of paid content:uk; Judith Townend, of; and Joanna Geary, web development editor (business) at The Times.


JTownend said...

I'm afraid I was actually one of the old guys... Still to invest in an iPhone (my shameful secret).

Jon Slattery said...

Thanks Judith. Now John Thompson knows what to give you as a Christmas bonus.