Thursday, 2 June 2016

Media Quotes of the Week: What Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump and John Major have in common to have job cuts made local papers a fake product?

Jeremy Corbyn interviewed by Vice News: "The one thing I've learned over the past six moths or so is how shallow, facile and ill-informed many of the supposedly well informed major commentators in our media are, they shape a debate which is baseless and narrow."

Donald Trump takes aim at the US media at press conference, as reported by the Financial Times: “I find the press to be extremely dishonest. I find the political press to be unbelievably dishonest.”

Sir John Major, when Prime Minister in transcripts of conversations with President George Bush Snr., obtained by BBC News: "The Conservative press here has been bloody"..."haven't been reporting our policy"..."the BBC has been appalling too..for what is supposed to be a public television service, it is not impartial at all".

Jeremy Corbyn on the BBC in his Vice News interview: “There is not one story on any election anywhere in the UK that the BBC will not spin into a problem for me. It’s obsessive beyond belief, they are obsessed with trying to damage the leadership of the Labour party – and unfortunately there are people in the Labour party who play into that.”

Miller Hogg , CN Group chief executive, on plans for a new regional daily 24 covering the North of England and South West of Scotland, as reported by HoldTheFrontPage: 24 will fill a large gap in the regional market by providing a northern take on the national headlines. We see our purpose as serving the communities in which we operate, so it follows that CN Group should produce a national newspaper tailored to our patch."

Lee Marlow ‏@LM_Marlow on Twitter: 'So last Friday I was made @socofeduk Feature Writer of the Year. This Friday, I was made redundant."

Tim Walker@ThatTimWalker on Twitter: "Know what depressed me about last week? Still more journalists I respected - who told me things about the world I didn't know - were sacked."

Max Hastings in the Daily Mail"Having known Boris for years, I cannot bring myself to cast a vote which could trigger his advance to Downing Street. The Hitler line should properly be the end of him, save as a journalist and star of TV reality shows. Only in a potty new world of celebrity, populist politicians can a real prospect persist of his governing this country."

Vice Media chief executive Shane Smith, as reported by Digiday"I don’t think it’s any secret that you’re going to see a bloodbath in the next 12 months of digital, mobile and terrestrial.”

Mark Sweney in the Guardian:"Revenues from adverts in print products remain the lifeblood of income for newspapers. They total some £800m a year, which is about four times the size of digital income for UK national newspapers, according to figures from WPP’s Group M. However, in the last year there has been an unprecedented exodus of spending, as the UK’s top 10 newspaper advertisers, which includes names such as Sky, BT, Tesco and Asda, take their business elsewhere."

Roy Greenslade on MediaGuardian: "It is time to recognise that the whole UK newspaper industry is heading for a cliff fall, that tipping point when there is no hope of a reversal of fortune. It does not mean the immediate closure of papers because the lesson from regional owners is that it is possible to continue publication through cost-cutting. Papers can be produced with skeleton editorial staffs...Local paper publishers think it’s magic that they can produce papers on such slim staffs. I think it’s tragic because they are treating their audiences to a fake product."

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