Friday 31 January 2014

Media Quotes of the Week: From Save Our Apostrophes Now! to Sun Hacks Off Hugh

The Grey Cardigan on The Spin Alley calls for the defence of the apostrophe: "Luckily, the good people of Cambridge are fighting back and someone is roaming the streets with a black marker pen adding the missing apostrophe to aberrant street signs. We should all do the same. So be vigilant. If your local council starts to go down this route, object, kick up a fuss, and if all else fails, get the black marker pen out."

Ampp3d reports: "Ampp3d has scoured data from the Ordnance Survey to identify the 16,659 streets under threat from official guidelines telling local authorities to ditch street names containing investigation by Ampp3d reveals the scale of the threat to Britain’s streets. More than 1 in 50 are at risk of being wiped off the map, including Nob’s Crook in Hampshire, Pickle’s Way in Kent, Dick o’ th’ Banks Close in Dorset and Broad o’ th’ Lane in Wigan."

Johnston Press boss on the FA Cup on Twitter: "Wins for JP Cities Wigan, Sheffield, and Sunderland. And where 2 JP towns were playing each other - Blackpool and Doncaster - a draw!"

Sunday Times' chief sports writer David Walsh, giving the Hugh Cudlipp lecture: “When I was the bad guy I was the cynic, I was the guy who hated sport, I was the guy who hated cycling. And I used to say to people  I’m the only one here who’s not cynical. I’m actually a romantic. I believe that one day we can have a Tour de France that we believe in, where the winner is clean and is actually the best athlete, not the most doped-up cheat."

on Twitter: "One of the immutable laws of Twitter: When a football commentator or pundit is trending it is never because viewers are loving their stuff."

The NUJ Welsh executive council in a statement: "The NUJ Wales executive council would like to extend its support and solidarity to colleagues working for Newsquest and currently balloting for action in Bradford, York and Darlington. The dispute is in response to the threat of compulsory redundancies and the impact on quality and workloads after the proposed transfer of subbing work to Newport, Wales. Our union campaigns to protect local media jobs and local journalism. We believe that to move work away from the communities can only harm the titles and local democracy. The local press plays a crucial role in holding politicians or local councils to account. Local newspapers should be produced locally. The NUJ in Wales supports the calls for Newsquest to stop the threats to force journalists out of their jobs."

on Twitter: "Richard Caseby ex Sun managing editor is the new DWP Comms boss. I fear I may be slipping back a little in queue to interview IDS."

Alison Phillips in the Daily Mirror: "Seems Hugh Grant has taken to collecting love children the way young boys collect football cards. Except without the same level of commitment. Or maturity."

Guido Fawkes asks: "Why Did Hugh Grant Lobby Politicians to Gag The Press?

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