Thursday, 22 November 2012

Guardian revelations on hacking used in ad by campaigners against state regulation of press

Wonder if the Hacked Off campaign group will be hacked off by this.

A new ad from the Free Speech Network, which is campaigning against state regulation of the press in the run-up to the publication of the Leveson Inquiry report next Thursday, highlights a front page of the Guardian - reporting the hacking scandal and the emergence of new victims.

The ad, in today's Telegraph, says that "Yes...even phone-hacking was a scandal revealed by a newspaper. Not by politicians, not by the police, and certainly not by a bunch of quangocrats."

It could've added  "or the Press Complaints Commission" but maybe there wasn't enough space.

The ad features five other newspaper fronts alongside the Guardian. The Mail on the murderers of Stephen Lawrence, the Telegraph on MPs' expenses, the Mirror on John Prescott's affair, The Sun on the rant at police by Andrew Mitchell, and the The Times on tax avoiders.

It's headlined: "If the press was shackled would any of this ever have happened?"

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