Monday 22 August 2011

Death of Lord Lucan hunter Garth Gibbs

There's a great obit on Garth Gibbs, the former Mirror journalist who has died aged 75, by Arnie Wilson on the Press Gazette website.

It includes a fantastic quote by Garth, who at one time wrote the Dog column in Press Gazette, about his unsuccessful search for Lord Lucan.

Wilson writes: "With a wonderfully fertile imagination – a prerequisite of any good tabloid journalist – plus a good deal of chutzpah, Garth relished the challenge of keeping Lord Lucan alive, but never finding him."

He quotes Garth saying: "I regard not finding Lord Lucan as my most spectacular success in journalism. Of course, many of my colleagues have also been fairly successful in not finding Lord Lucan. But I have successfully not found him in more exotic spots than anybody else.

“I spent three glorious weeks not finding him in Cape Town, magical days and nights not finding him in the Black Mountains of Wales, and wonderful and successful short breaks not finding him in Macau either, or in Hong Kong or even in Green Turtle Cay in the Bahamas where you can find anyone."

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