Thursday 14 January 2010

#newsrw: 'Stay outside the multi-media bubble'

Kevin Marsh, head of the BBC College of Journalism, warned delegates at the news:rewired conference today to stay outside the multi-media bubble.
He told the conference at  City University, London, that "any skills are a means to an end. Don't think they are an end in themselves. We are spending too much time talking about the applications rather than what they can do. Stay outside the bubble."
Marsh said journalist had to have a mindset that they would need to change things in their career "but you don't have to hoover up every skill on offer" or "follow every change in the wind".
He said the traditional journalism skills of making contact and digging out stories from documents were still required.
Marsh also argued that "big journalism" was not about to disappear and be replaced by multi-media journalists.
He did, however, praise the rise of blogging, claiming: "Blogging has done more to change the way journalism works than anything else."
Pic: Jon Slattery

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Steve Dyson said...

Anyone talking about how the new socialmedia groupies will connect with real people? Serious question. 'Groupies' sounds cruel, but there are many inane chats going on at Facebook, Twitter, etc which are so middle class it's shocking! What about socially excluded social media? Try to see an idea that relates to what I mean...