Thursday, 15 August 2019

Media Quotes of the Week: From life on a local... vomiting oysters, investigating dog poo and being shunned by Boris to 'traitor class' controls media

Kentish Gazette series editor Joe Walker @JoeWalker17 on Twitter: "Last week our new reporter@BradDAHarper vomited after taking part in an oyster-eating contest. Yesterday a golden retriever snatched a sandwich from his hand as he worked on a story about dog poo hotspots. Welcome to local journalism."

Oxford Mail local democracy reporter Nathan Briant after Boris Johnson shunned the paper on a visit to Oxfordshire: "I am not unrealistic in believing the regional press has any place above any other media. Boris Johnson's exclusive interview with the BBC’s Ben Wright obviously reached more people than the Oxford Mail or Oxfordshire broadcasters would have ever been able to do.
But Mr Johnson was chewing the fat with Conservative activists for about 45 minutes at a hotel in Abingdon. It would surely not have been unreasonable to ask him to have a quick chat with other broadcasters and newspapers for a tiny fraction of that time."

Simon O'Neill @SimonO19 on Twitter: "Politicians often extol the vital role of local media. Pity no one passed that message on to the control freaks who surround them."

Tim Montgomeries @montie on Twitter: "Peter Oborne. Daily Mail columnist. Attacks Dom Cummings. Regularly praises Jeremy Corbyn. Funny old world."

Peter Oborne @OborneTweets on Twitter: "I believe that columnists should try to be fair-minded and independent, and that there's a world of difference between reporting and propaganda."

Daniel Finkelstein @Dannythefink on Twitter: "When we first asked people to pay for online, I was in charge as executive editor. I did loads of interviews in which everyone was sure that it wouldn’t work. I was confident it would and that there wasn’t an alternative. I am thrilled with this."

Channel 4 News anchor Krishnan Guru-Murthy @krishgm on Twitter: "Today new official figures showed the UK economy shrunk for the first time since 2012. The pound has fallen to new lows. The Chancellor says he doesn't expect recession and doesn't fear No Deal. We invited Labour to comment on C4News tonight. They said nobody could."

David Aaronovitch @DAaronovitch on Twitter: "Not for the first time I’m left feeling that my fellow journalists should refuse to quote anonymous “senior Downing Street sources” sledging opponents. The public should know who has spoken and If they cannot say it in their own names they don’t deserve to be quoted."

Aron Pilhofer on Medium on the New Media Investment Group plans to acquire Newsquest publisher Gannett: "Here’s what struck me: In all the reporting about the ins-and-outs of this merger, I have yet see to how, in the end, this is going to end up serving the needs of local news consumers, their communities or the journalists who work there."

New UKIP leader Richard Braine in a press conference, as reported by The New European: "We are seeing the press being controlled. You have a duty to be impartial and objective as journalists, so do that because the reporting of Brexit has been so biased for so long now...I think they are being controlled by an EU federalist class - I mean I would go so far as to say a traitor class - people who are conspiring with foreign powers against the people of this country."

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