Thursday, 20 August 2015

Media Quotes of the Week: From Corbyn on 'scurrilous' tabloid attacks to why The Times' Anthony Loyd had to return to Syria after kidnap

Jeremy Corbyn in the New Statesman"The scurrilous nature of some of the tabloid-style attacks on me and other candidates, as well as on our families, has been painful. It is easy to sympathise with Chuka Umunna’s reconsideration of whether to stand when he faced this onslaught in the days after announcing his leadership bid."

Roy Greenslade on his MediaGuardian blog: "It would appear that media reports of speeches denouncing Corbyn’s political and economic stance plus every newspaper leading article warning of Corbyn’s unsuitability for the job are having the reverse effect. So much for 'the power of the press' eh?"

The Daily Record in a leader"THE Daily Record believes Corbyn's core Labour values provide the platform required to build a fairer country and improve the lives of ordinary Scots."

Cathy Newman ‏@cathynewman on Twitter after her Jeremy Corbyn interview: "Back from holiday 24 hours ago, now deluged with tweets calling for me to be sacked...for doing my job. Nice to be back Twitter #Corbyn"

Rupert Murdoch ‏@rupertmurdoch on Twitter"Corbyn increasingly likely Labor winner. Seems only candidate who believes anything, right or wrong."

BBC Trust chair Rona Fairhead in the Independent: "We want to see whether the BBC can partner more with local media who in some cases may no longer have the resources to adequately cover areas like local government and court reporting. The trust would encourage the BBC to help plug the democratic deficit here."

Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times [£]: "When I edited a newspaper I would occasionally complain to the man in charge of the sports section that at every opportunity he would put football on the front of it, even when it seemed to me that there were other sporting events of greater significance going on that day. 'Boss,' he would invariably reply, 'there are only three big sports in this country: football, football and football'."

Jason Knauf, communications secretary to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in a letter to  leaders of media industry bodies and standards organisations: "Paparazzi photographers are going to increasingly extreme lengths to observe and monitor Prince George's movements and covertly capture images of him to sell to the handful of international media titles still willing to pay for them."

John Toner, NUJ freelance organiser, urges journalists not to accept terms to cover Notting Hill Carnival: “It is not acceptable that the media are expected to pay a fee to cover what is a genuine news event. It is equally unacceptable that the organisers expect pictures and video to be supplied free for their commercial purposes. For an individual freelance, this could mean working at a loss. We see no reason why freelances should be expected to subsidise the Carnival.We would urge all members to reject these conditions, and to cover the event from public spaces.”

Loyd: After his kidnap last year
Anthony Loyd in The Times [£] on why he returned to Syria: "Just over a year after being kidnapped and shot there in my own walk-on, carry-off part in someone else’s nightmare, I went back to Syria because I wanted to. Foremost, I was curious to see what was happening in the time since I was last there, having felt artificially divorced from the country after so many previous assignments covering the conflict. I was still angry enough, too, in the wake of the betrayal and my abduction 15 months earlier, to want to spit on the memory of being beaten and shot, to be able to stand by the leering abyss and whisper, 'I’m still here, alive, reporting. So f*** you.'...There was, of course, one other reason I went back. It is the hardest to explain, but perhaps the most valid of all: I went back because war sucks. It sucks you back in.”


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