Friday, 14 February 2014

Quotes of the Week: Why Lord Sugar loves Twitter to what Piers Morgan thinks of UK sports-writers

on Twitter: "What I love about twitter, I have more followers that (sic) newspapers have readers.I can expose publicly the nasty tricks they get up to."

Dave Lee Travis, as reported by the Telegraph: "I did lose my reputation as well, which I may try to get back later, but basically I want to say that I have had two trials. One trial by the media and one trial by the Crown Court and I have to say that I prefer the trial by Crown Court."

Grey Cardigan on The Spin Alley: "If, during my time on a modest regional daily, I’d sat down to conference and one of my news editors had offered up a splash based on such flimsy, risible evidence, I’d have ripped off his fucking head and spat down the hole. And they knew it. But that was because we cared about honesty and accuracy. We jealously guarded our credibility.The nationals? I really don’t think that they cared. Liz Hurley and Bill Clinton? Two great names that will sell papers. Whack it on the front. Sure beats Wendy Deng and Tony Blair. Just something to remember the next time we have to go in to bat on behalf of our national colleagues."

on Twitter: "Jumps from Page One are so baffling. Today to pages 4/23/22/25/16. So random. Maybe it's a tactic to force us off paper to the web."

Ex-MP and former NUJ President Denis MacShane@DenisMacShane on Twitter: "Out. Thanks to Sir K and Sir K and SIr N for 6 fascinating humbling weeks and to the 100s who sent letters. Sorry journo pals. No interviews."

Garry Kasparov@Kasparov63 on Twitter: "I hope the journalists in Sochi complaining about a lack of doorknobs & wifi pay as much attention to the lack of free speech & elections."

BBC statement on Winter Olympic commentators Ed Leigh, Tim Warwood and Aimee Fuller's coverage of Jenny Jones' bronze medal: "On this occasion excitement got the better of them and this is something we will work on for future events."

Mail on Sunday editorial on Aidan Burley, the MP who resigned after the paper exposed his attendance at a Nazi-themed stag party: "Mr Burley’s latest resentful moans about the ‘gutter press’ and ‘despicable journalism’ are regrettable and rob his departure of dignity or grace. His jibe that The Mail on Sunday is ‘the paper with no shame’ rebounds on him. Has he none?"

on Twitter: "that's a turnaround - getting tweets from friends in Pakistan checking if we surviving the floods

Peter Preston in the Observer on Georgina Henry who died last week: "It is relatively easy to recapture the power of columnists, feature writers, reporters. Their published work speaks for itself still. But Georgina's memory will live on in a different way. In the grey wake of Leveson, when journalism itself can often seem a dirty trade in a dirty world, she was honest and sensitive and sensible and true. It was a privilege to know her and to work with her."

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan on Twitter: "UK sports-writers are so hilariously thin-skinned. They love dishing it out, but moment someone does it to them, they squeal like babies."

Daily Mail rugby correspondent  on Twitter: "I just want to say, in response to unfounded abuse on here, that is an outstanding journalist, is not."

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