Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mark Watts makes new allegations against NUJ Left in Journalist editorship election

Journalist editorship candidate Mark Watts, who has said a Left wing faction is plotting to "hijack" the NUJ, makes new allegations today claiming union staff members are taking time off to campaign for his NUJ Left backed rival in the election.
Watts claims today: "Union staff members not in the far-left faction have come forward to blow the whistle on colleagues in "NUJ Left" who are actively campaigning for the political group’s candidate, Richard Simcox, in the election."
He adds: "I am today able to identify one NUJ staff member who has campaigned for the “NUJ Left” candidate in this election as Miles Barter, the union’s campaigns and communications officer."
Watts says Barter told him: “I work for the NUJ, and, out of work, I have helped Richard.” A number of NUJ officials have come out in support of candidates other than Simcox in the election. For example, the Daily Star's FoC Steve Usher has the support of NUJ equality organiser Lena Calvert and Barry Fitzpatrick, NUJ head of publishing.
When I asked Barter about Watts' allegations today, he joked: "I am working for the NUJ at the moment. Ring me after hours."


John said...


"NUJ member/staffer uses time off to help his mate's election campaign".

Well, as 'red scare' stories go, I've seen better.

Michael said...

Would that be the same Barry Fitzpatrick who's also a member of NUJ Left, or are there two?

Anonymous said...

Does Mark Watts think he's in a writers 'guild? I can only assume he knew what a trade union was before applying for the post? He's in for a bit of a shock if he ever develops what he claims to be invetigative skills ... unions are known to have a history of being full of lefties!